Disarming, open and direct… Just three of the strengths characterizing me and justifying my position as a well respected professional KAM-coordinator in what is mainly a mens world. The essence of what I offer is advice and support concerning quality , working conditions and environmental issues.

On the road to certification the ultimate objective of a company is not  to  “hang a framed certificate on the wall ”, but more particularly to make sure that the road to that certification is covered smoothly. This is why I consider quality standards on paper as a formality only. For me the main thing is that all levels within the company understand why these standards are so important. Thus you will often find me on the shop floor in order to create support from the staff.

A company is often set in its worn ways. By exchanging ideas (views, thoughts), by creating confidence and taking responsibility  I provide a fresh view of the current state of affairs. On the basis of these views we develop a flexible and controllable management system with
which everyone is feeling comfortable.

Precisely because any project can be approached from many angles we will investigate together which approach fits your company best.  You considering your current corporate culture, I proceeding from my professional knowledge.The interest of the customer always takes priority and as a coach I can play a stimulating part. Flexibility is a fact and a deal is a deal. A kind of “gentleman’s agreement”,  if with a female touch.

Anna Evalotta Klinkenberg